5 Ways We Help Entrepreneurs Build Successful Businesses

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Our team is full of passionate people who want to see your business grow. McCormick Law & Consulting is more than just a law firm for your business, we want to partner with you to help your business flourish.  Our team is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions with an efficient streamline process.  We work with both for-profit and non-profit businesses in an array of matters.  We help you become successful by implementing the following 5 Steps:

  1. We Help Build the Right Foundation

As a new business owner, you want to sell your product or provide your services and get things started – rightfully so! You should be excited. But during that excitement, you must lay the proper foundation for your business to flourish. Whether you are a for profit or non-profit, you need the right board of directors, partner, structure, tax exemptions, and more. It all matters in a crucial way.

2. We Help Build the Correct Contractual Relationships

Whether you work with employees, independent contractors, or even when you serve your customers, you are creating contracts whether you realize it or not. These contracts could be explicit, implied, or provided by statute. Our team will ensure that your independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, customer and service agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and more. If you have been in business for any time, you know that the reality isn’t “if” something bad happens, but “when” it will happen. When an issue comes up for your business, you will likely be running to your contracts to help protect you. Take control of your contracts early, tailor them to your needs, and allow them to serve you and your business well.

3. We Ask Questions

Every good business owner needs a sounding board for both small-scale and major decisions. We are not just lawyers, but we are business consultants that want to see you succeed in a major way. Who are you customers? Are they single or married? Young or old? What is your product? What is your target market? We want to ask questions to help determine whether your business is on the best path for success. We want to hear about your business and be great listeners.

4. We Run the Fire Drill

What happens when something goes wrong? Who is there to put out the fires? We are! Our team is there to identify the problems, assess the scenario, identify solutions, and implement a plan to protect your business. Something will inevitably go wrong when you run a business – the world is full of unpredictability, and you need a partner to navigate you through those problems for your business. Our team is passionate about entering into the thick of problems with our clients and finding solutions to protect the business, so that YOU can move forward with your success.

5. We Celebrate You

Celebration of goals and victories is what running your own business is all about. We are so excited to encourage you along the way, and to congratulate your success when you arrive at your goals. If you are looking for more than just a lawyer for your business, you can find an attorney, partner, and consultant in our team.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and walking through these steps with you!

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